Chess Halloween: 喝一碗「夢婆湯」,走一回奈何橋 10/26-28


相傳孟婆湯幫助人們在投胎前忘記這輩子所發生過的一切,方能擁有全新的人生。 👻萬聖節當天來Chess,喝一碗特製「夢婆湯」,走一回奈何橋,讓我們幫你拋下一切,就地重生💫

According to Chinese folklore, a soul must cross the "Bridge of Helplessness" before being reincarnated and drink the "Blackout Soup" (or Mengpo Tang), which helps you forget everything in your current life and prepare for reincarnation 🍵

For this Halloween weekend, come to Chess and experience this...walk the bridge and drink a bowl of "Blackout Soup" - we will help you forget all your past sorrows and be reborn again! 😵😵


🏮FREE ENTRY- before midnight if you dress up for this halloween weekend (Fri/Sat) 🏮 --------------------------------- 訂位專線:0905-788-321 營業時間:10:30pm ~ 04:30am 地址:信義區松仁路88號B1 (Neo 19) Table Reservations: 0905 788 321 Time: Doors open at 10:30 PM Address: No. 88 Songren Road, B1 (Neo 19)

No. 88, Songren Road, B1, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110
Tel: +0905788321
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10:30 PM - 4:30 AM